Are You Following When You Should Be Leading?

Break free from the follower habit

Are you an expert? Let me rephrase the question. Do you know more about one or more topics than most people do? What type of advice would a family member, friend or coworker look to you for? Most people don’t see themselves as experts, even though they have comprehensive knowledge of a topic. Let me […]

How to Connect with Your Audience Online

And Build A Successful "How-To" Business Along the Way

Jimmy Krug - Connect With People

For most beginners (or people still trying to get out of the gate) creating “how-to” information can be very difficult. Blogging about the topic can be even tougher. And don’t let me get started with writing emails. Have you ever written a piece of content and upon further evaluation thought, “Who’s going to enjoy reading […]

Create your own user feedback survey

Making Money As An Infopreneur Doesn’t Require A Lot of “Tech”

There a very easy, effective ways to get started or restarted in this business

What kind of content does your audience prefer? If you’re just starting out – or even if you’re “rebooting” your information publishing efforts, what’s the best way to package your information to get into the hands of your audience? Call it information publishing, content creation, blogging or any other label you can come up with […]